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Liftbed: Product


Liftbed luxe-uitvoering zwevend bed in alle RAL kleuren mogelijk

Material: aluminum


Finish: to be determined by yourself


Manipulation: at the touch of a button your bed emerges from the ceiling.


Enjoy the pure luxury of model LIFTBED luxury!


- Top quality down to the details!

- Electrically operated bed system.

- Double security.

- The bed is supported by two columns, in which the motor and the support system are located.


- Because the bed is hidden in the ceiling, you gain a lot of space.

- The LIFTBED is a fully floating construction. The floor underneath can be cleaned very easily.

- Very comfortable bed: all mattress thicknesses are possible.

- A bedspread is not necessary, the comforter can remain on the bed.

- Very sturdy: a LIFTBED can hold up to 1000 kg. carry weight.


Dimensions: for mattresses with a width of 160, 180 and 200 cm.

Color: all RAL colors

Liftbed in wit 180x200 cm.
Liftbed: Product
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